The First Aluminium Composite Panel Factory in the sultanate of oman

SYKON A2 is a unique and versatile cladding material manufactured with state-of-the-art technology of multi-layer lamination where two skins of non-corrosive special grade. ALUMINIUM metal sheets are bonded on to a Non-Combustible Mineral Core. The external Aluminum surface of panels is coated with high performance PVDF (Poly Vinyl idene Di fluoride) paints to maintain consistent decorative finish of the building surface over extended period of time even in harsh Gulf weather conditions. The external surface is
further protected by an easy-to-peel protective film. 

This range is manufactured using non-combustible mineral core conforming to EN 13501-1 CLASS A2 fire rating and high performance Aluminum Alloys (E.g. AL1100 or AL3003 or AL5005) to ensure superior fire performance of the cladding system.

It is highest grade of fire protection mineral core protecting the building facade from any type of fire hazards.

PARAMETERSASTM STD.UNITTolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Thickness of Panel[mm]±0.204.00
Width of Panel[mm]±2.004.00
Weight of Panel[kg/m²]± 5 %8.30
Specific Gravity of PanelASTM D 792[g/cm³]±5%1.40
Adhesive Film Thicknessμm±1070
Protective Film Thicknessμm±885


PARAMETERSASTM STD.UNITTolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Thickness of Skin[mm]±0.020.50
Standard Width[mm]±21000, 1250, 1500
Aluminum AlloyASTM B209MAA 3000, 5000 series
TemperASTM B209MH18/H16
Tensile StrengthASTM E8[N/mm2]±5150
0.2% Proof StressASTM E8[N/mm2]±5120
ElongationASTM E8[%]±25
PARAMETERSASTM STD.UNITTolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Surface FinishPVDF Coated
Dry Film Thickness (Coating)ASTM D7091μm±525 to 28
Gloss ( at 60°angle)ASTM D523GU±530
Chemical Resistance (5% HCL -24 hrs)ASTM D 1308VisualPassesPasses
Cross HatchASTM D 3359VisualPasses100/100 (No Color Peel off)
Reverse Impact (50 cm)ASTM D 2794cmPassesPasses
Solvent Rub Test (MEK test)ASTM D 5402DRPassesNo Decoloration, Passes
Pencil Hardness TestASTM D 3363HBPasses2HB, Passes
Humidity TestASTM D 2247%PassesNo Color Peel off, Passes
T-Bend FlexibilityASTM D 4145TPasses>2T
PARAMETERSASTM STD.UNITTolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Sound Transmission Loss RwASTM E413[db]26
Sound Absortion FactorISO354sabin0.05
PARAMETERSASTM STD.UNITTolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Heat Transition Coefficient UASTM C1363[W/m²K]5.53
Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM D696[mm/m/°C]3×10⁻⁵°c
Theral ResistanceASTM C518M²-KW0.03
Temprature ResistanceASTM C518[°C]-50…+80


PARAMETERSASTM STD.Certificate#Tolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Core Material Non Combustible fire retardant core
Surface Burning CharechteristicsASTM E84 Class A
Fire Propogation of Exterior Non Load Bearing Wall AssembliesNFPA 285:2012TBW0300595Pass
Reaction to Fire TestEN 13501-1TBW0300594A2,S1,d0
Ignition TemperatureASTM D1929-16 & ENPanel 470°C, Core 470°C
Fire RatingASTM E119  450°C


PARAMETERSASTM STD.Certificate#Tolerance ±Exterior 4mm
Tensile StrengthASTM D638Mpa48
Modulus of elasticityASTM D638Mpa 
ElongationASTM E8%5
Flatwise compressionASTM C365Mpa 
Flexural Regidity, ExlASTM C393kNmm²/mm133.8
Flexural Elastisity, EASTM C393kN/mm²37.2
Impact ResistanceEN 13523Jules/GTO4
PeelingASTM D903-98N/mm±211


PARAMETERSASTM STD.Certificate#Tolerance ±Exterior 4mm
AdherenceDIN53151   There is no loss of adherence
BondingASTM 605.2-91  24hrs no bubble
Resistance to HumidityASTM D714-97, ASTM D2247-02  3000 hrs no bubble
Resistance to Boiling WaterASTM D3359B  Approved
Resistance to Salt Water SprayASTM B117-03  3000 hrs no bubble
Resistance to AcidASTM D1308-87,  ASTM 605.2-91 test#7  without defect
Resistance to AlkalineASTM D1308-87  Approved
Resistance to SolventASTM D2248-73 ECCA T5&NCCA NO. 11-18Approved
Resistance to smutASTM D4214-93  Doesnot become smut
Brightness RetentionASTM D2244-93% 84.2


Remarks: Standard test value, other vales can be accepted if the finish requires it and doesnot effect the product quality