SMOKE PROTECTION DOORS acc. to DIN 18095 + EN 1634


SP60 is a hinge system suitable for the construction of entrance doors, interior fittings, partition walls, cabins, wind/ weather protection elements, etc. The high-quality smoke protection doors required to comply with building regulations according to DIN/EN. To ensure that escape routes can be accessed in the event of fire, it may be necessary to use them in the following: – residential and office buildings – high-rise buildings – administrations, schools – nursing homes, hospitals – commercial buildings – accommodation and restaurants – industrial and commercial enterprise..


Construction depths.

Basic construction depth 60 mm.


Opening types.

Single or double-leaf hinged door, DIN left or DIN right, opening inwards or outwards. With skylights and side panels.


Fittings, accessories.

Screw-on, roller and concealed door hinges, hinge side protection, finger protection. Normal and panic function, panic crossbar fitting, escape door locks, escape route securing, integrated upper door closers, swing door drives, electric openers, magnetic contacts, and many more. ..

Construction type, testing:

Tested smoke protection doors in accordance with the design test in smoke tightness and continuous

function: DIN 18095 (Smoke protection, Germany) EN 1634-3 (Smoke protection, Europe) DIN 18650-1

(Machinery Directive) General building inspection test certificate Also tested for sash heights of 3.00 m and

more, and sash widths of 1.40 m and more.

Glazing and sealing profiles.

Glazing beads square or rounded, central glazing possible, sealing profiles EPDM quality according to

DIN 7863 (black) or silicone rubber (white).

  • Certified system performance by the IFT Rosenheim Institute..
  • Smoke protection door acc. to DIN 18095