SL450 is a 45mm sash depth sliding system (111.5mm double rail depth). It is a thermally broken system using 40mm polyamide strips and 44 mm pvc gutter width, all at the same line under the glass so at to achieve the better possible thermal performance at this category. It is designed to be used as lightweight lift & slide system (180kg per sash), as well as a simple sliding (using different type or hardware so as comply with diverse specifications). It meets all the known typologies such as double or triple bypass balcony doors with or without insect screen positioned in or out. A robust, long lasting sliding system, which at the same time looks elegant due to the small size of the profiles in reference to the size of openings that can be implemented. Additionally, the alternative of the slim interlock gives an elegant appearance, in a classic design sliding. The aluminium thickness (1,4 to 2,2mm) differs according to the areas of the profile so as to achieve a reduced cost system, without affecting the stiffness of the end product. The potential of using additional insulators, along with the existence of a glazing bead in such a small system, result to a high-quality system that fits any specs and any budget at the middle category. Can accept L&S Hardware or Simple sliding accessories, EPDM seal gaskets (at L&S) and additional foam insulators Finally, the extensive areas for drainage result to end Product that can easily withstand severe weather conditions.


Air permeability EN 1026, EN 12207CLASS 3
Watertightness EN 1027, EN 12208CLASS E600
Resistance to wind load EN 12210, EN 12211CLASS C3/B3
Thermal Insulation EN 10077-2Uf = from 1.4W/m²k
depending on type
dimension & glazing
Prelaod+ 600 Pa
Static air leakage Infiltration/Exfiltration+300 Pa
Static water penetration+600 Pa
Structural performance procedure B
100% OD Desgn wind load
150% of Design wind load
± 1200 Pa
± 1800 Pa


Visible aluminium face width111,5 mm
Frame height45 mm
Frame width103 mm
Sash height75 mm
Sash width44 mm
Sash weightup to 180 Kg
InsulationPolyamides 40 mm &
32mm width, PVC
Interlocking profile width39 / 78,5 mm