Sykon GmbH

SYK-80 – Unitized curtain wall an innovative facade system, which is especially preferred on high-rise buildings. This system is completely fabricated in plant with direct bonding silicone feature and installed in a shorter time without scaffold, unitized facade system enables fast and easy installation without additional cassette cost and labour. Unitized facade system is customized & designed on the project basis. With high performance features, all the fabrication, including the glass, made in plant with high quality provides tolerance gap on seismic moves and also high-performance features. For internal joint gab appearance, it offers various options with Aluminium profile or black that has curtain wall colour and contrast depending on architectural choice. Structural Glazing, Two Side, 4 sided & with Cap alternatives in standard curtain wall systems are also available in unitized facade systems. Designed to suit modern construction methods for medium and high rise residential or commercial buildings, combines enhanced energy efficiency with design versatility and proven weather resistant performance. With trusted German engineering and performance testing, excellent water tightness, strength, and airtightness.

Uf value of frame ()1.4 W/(m²•K)
Min. face width80mm
Min.-max. system basic depth125…200 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness56 mm
Max. weight500 kg
Surface finishesPowder Anodised Paint
Air permeabilityA4 – 600 Pa / EN12152
Max. sound reduction Rwp42 to 61 dB(A) depends on glass specification.
Water tightnessRE 1200 – 1800 Pa / EN12154
Impact resistanceI5/E5
Burglar resistanceRUp to RC3
Suitable for safety barrier loading
Resistance to wind load
2500 Pa / EN13116