An innovative sliding system that is especially suitable for large dimensions. With an almost invisible aluminium frame, it allows maximum light incidence with a glass content of 94 percent. Glazing can be used with a thickness of up to 54 mm, providing the best acoustic and thermal results. Choose between fixed and sash frames with 2 or 4 sashes, as a two or three-rail system. The maximum sash height is up to 6 meters, with no practically limit on the sash weight, depending on the workability (manually or electrically operated). The frame height can be up to 100 MM with multiple options.. The overlap width in the central joint of only 25 mm can be completely concealed at the bottom, sides and top. On request, the panorama sliding systems can be opened electrically, thus allowing larger sashes. The sash elements can be equipped with multiple Locking systems and locking cylinders. The roller positioning directly in the frame and a reinforced stainless steel rail ensure improved sliding of the running sash. The classic installation with a revolving frame and straight-line recessed sashes allows easy installation and removal of a sash in case of maintenance, glass breakage, profile damage, etc…


Air permeability EN 1026, EN 12207CLASS 4
Watertightness EN 1027, EN 12208CLASS E750
Resistance to wind load EN 12210, EN 12211CLASS C2
Thermal Insulation EN 10077-2UW from 1,1 W/m²k


Visible aluminium face width Concealed Profile
Frame height 59 mm
Frame width 164 mm
Sash height 22 / 32 mm
Sash width 62 mm
Sash weight up to 600 Kg
Glazing 53 mm
InsulationPolyamides, PVC
Interlocking profile width25 mm