Terrace / Roof Systems



 Terrace / Roof Systems.

We roof over everything you want.

Roof systems from SYKON are incredibly versatile so that we can realize almost any wish: Roofing for patios & decks, house entrances, carports, private and commercial spaces, outdoor gastronomy and much more. Our technically well thought-out designs made of durable aluminium profiles offer highest comfort and an impressive appearance. These functions allow you to design your SYKON patio roof individually and with high quality: Lateral wind and weather protection, Integrated lighting, Shading for indoor and outdoor, Covered gutter profiles.

Aluminium precision profiles acc. to EN 12020,
Alloy EN AW-6060 (Al Mg Si 0.5) acc. to EN 573 part 3,
strength properties EN 755.
anodized or color coated.
Glazing and sealing profiles
via glazing beads of aluminium,
sealing profiles of EPDM – quality acc. to
DIN 7863 (black).
The seals are compatible with Plexiglas
and are suitable for self-cleaning active
LSG or multi-wall sheets, from 8 mm to
32 mm thickness.

Construction depths
Rafter height 115 mm,
Face width
Interior rafter 88 mm, exterior 40 mm.
Interior edge rafter 64 mm, exterior 40 mm.
Gutter height 150 mm or 110 mm.
Eaves beam height 105 or 145 mm.
Static reinforcements with standard
galvanized steel tube possible if required.