SYKON GmbH. Quality with System.

Sykon GmbH . Quality with Systems

The technically high-quality and wide-ranging profile systems are built on a simplified and future-oriented model of systems and provide new, functional solutions for almost all construction areas. The systems of profiles are adapted in terms of construction width, mechanics and thermal insulation to the most diverse specifications. A balanced ratio of feature, manufacturing, material use and surface finish is provided by an optimized profile geometry. Well-thought-out accessories for the machine, high-quality fittings, smooth operation and long service life are standard. SYKON GmbH is primarily focused on efficiency, compliance with the climate and sustainability.

■ SYKON is member of the Monitoring Association for Fire and Smoke Protection North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.

■ SYKON windows are certified as burglar resistant windows and are listed in the manufacturer directory of the KPK (Commission for Criminal Police Prevention)

■ Anodized surfaces, anodized treatment, preanodization, powder coating in all RAL or DB colors according to GSB and/or VOA

■ SYKON is a member of A/U/F (Initiative "Aluminium and environment in window and facade construction")